*Flow Method* Personal Training meets Therapy

The Flow Method was created by Jennifer Giuglianotti, fusing ballet techniques (fluidity, flow, stretching, balance, grace) with therapeutic elements (discussion, body/mind/spirit integration, and aromatherapy).

Based upon your unique needs and goals, Jennifer will help you target physical needs like increased flexibility, strength, and energy in addition to addressing underlying feelings, self-image, self-esteem, and positive thinking.

What it looks like: We usually spend half the session in movement/dance and half the session on yoga mats. 

Leave With: Increased awareness, commitments to self-care at home (specific homework options), and a plan to continue healing and strengthening holistically between sessions. 

Frequency: I suggest weekly sessions for a minimum of a month.

Restorative Yoga + Therapy Private Session
95.00 125.00
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