Let us lead you to the most healing places on earth to connect from within.

Our Spirit Journey Retreats are created based upon your unique needs either solo, family, or with a group. *All retreats are rooted in creativity, exploration, nature, healing, movement, and transformation.*

Our brief Retreat Planning Form (below) is the first step in your healing journey.

Current retreat locations are in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Upstate New York, and along the Delaware River in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. 

Are you experiencing a life transition, recovering from illness, or wishing to reconnect & bond with loved ones in a healing way? Have you always wanted to travel to experience the challenge of a solo adventure? Are you wishing to reconnect with your spiritual self through nature and creativity? "Spirit Journey Retreats are transformative." 
Ayahuaska retreat in Costa Rica 

Ayahuaska retreat in Costa Rica 

We offer retreats led by Dance/Movement Therapist, Jennifer Giuglianotti, -- Or simply the spirit travel planning you need to reduce your stress. Allow yourself the freedom of attuned traveling: mind, body, and spirit in balance.  

Guided retreats are a fusion of daily yoga, art-making, dance/movement therapy, nature walks, water therapy, mindfulness activities, and meditation: All in the beautiful locations on earth that you wish to travel. Our expert Retreat Planner takes the stress out of the journey by booking zen-like, private, Airbnb homes that we have verified (and experienced!) to be the most relaxing and therapeutic. 

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