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To help people thrive,

not just survive.

We offer Mind-Body Healing through Dance as Therapy

  • Choreography on Canvas via Airbnb Experiences!
  • Therapy Services: Creative Arts & Dance/Movement Therapy for children, adults, and families 
  • Body-Mind Coaching & Classes: 
    • Body-Mind Coaching for Women and Children is a unique 12-week program to reach your goals creatively.
    • Classes within NYC daycares and public schools include movement, ballet, yoga, and art for both typical children with those with special needs.
  • Nonprofit & Volunteering: I offer free sessions for veterans at VA Hospitals and for mother's with children undergoing cancer treatment.  International Outreach: Viv Lanmou (Live Love) Dance/Movement Therapy for children of Haiti in orphanages and schools. Launched in 2016, I am excited to share twice annual visits with these amazing kids! 

Your mind, body & soul.

Familiarize yourself with your therapist by calling for a Complimentary Intro Session. (267) 269-5271 Jennifer Giuglianotti, M.S., BC-DMT

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