Jennifer Giuglianotti, MS, LCAT, BC-DMT has over 15 years of experience helping children with developmental disorders & emotional/behavioral instability.

What will therapy look like for my child?

Dance/Movement Therapy, music, art-making, and play therapy are utilized in sessions. Depending upon your child’s unique interests, Jennifer will support his/her skills through one or more creative modalities. Challenging behaviors and emotions are addressed through creativity, movement, and play in a fun and safe way. Each session will be different: Jennifer is a process-based therapist who attunes to your child in the moment.

What training do you have in helping my child with Autism Spectrum Disorders and behavioral issues?

My undergraduate educational training is in Psychology with emphasis on childhood mental health. I then began working as a Applied Behavior Analyst for children with severe autism, PDD, and trauma. Many of these children were nonverbal. I began integrating art and dance into therapy sessions and was able to access them in a profound way — They began speaking to me and their families through movement and art! My graduate training in Creative Arts Therapy (Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy) allowed me to work with children in schools and medical settings. After eight years of clinical work, I began my private practice with focus on helping families and children learn and heal through nonverbal therapies. I am also a consultant for institutions and medical centers, training other therapists who work with children.

What else is included in therapy at Balanced Life Movement?

  • Free consultation by phone

  • Skype sessions in case of emergency or inability to travel

  • Balanced Life Movement is a therapy center within your therapist’s home: Make use of the waiting/living area to relax or read during your child’s appointment.

  • Comprehensive treatment planning: A written plan with action steps for the family

  • Homework and home-based support to reach your child’s goals

  • Family meetings once a month: Meet with your therapist during your child’s therapy hour to address progress and updates on behaviors.


I have witnessed tremendous growth with over 150 children at our school. Jennifer is an expert in the field of child therapy and has a way of understanding, supporting, and leading them to express themselves in healthier ways.
— Rebecha Nyuta, Guidance Counselor
DMT with young children supports learning and development during the critical “window of opportunity;” this window appears to be open from the prenatal period to five years old. One of the strongest implications of brain research has been the identification of critical periods in brain development in which experience may be most effective in forging connections in wiring the brain.
— Chugani, H.T. (Preventative Medicine)

Jennifer Giuglianotti, M.S., BC-DMT leads a workshop focused on dance/movement therapy and art-making. Creative souls gather in Brooklyn to express themselves... :) Amazing and positive energy! Live music accompaniment.

Through twice weekly DMT groups and individual sessions with these children, teachers and parents reported an increase in healthier verbal communication of needs, appropriate use of touch/boundaries with peers, and a decrease in behavioral and emotional outbursts.
— Morena Malakova, Vice Principal in Harlem, NY
I feel like a bird. I’m free…
— Jayna age 5

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