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I have witnessed tremendous growth, and can truly say that DMT is a field that makes a positive impact on children’s learning and development.
— Orit Zabari, M.S., R-DMT, Thrive Co-Founder
DMT with young children supports learning and development during the critical “window of opportunity;” this window appears to be open from the prenatal period to five years old. One of the strongest implications of brain research has been the identification of critical periods in brain development in which experience may be most effective in forging connections in wiring the brain.
— Chugani, H.T. (Preventative Medicine)

Jennifer Giuglianotti, M.S., BC-DMT leads a workshop focused on dance/movement therapy and art-making. Creative souls gather in Brooklyn to express themselves... :) Amazing and positive energy! Live music accompaniment.

Through twice weekly DMT groups and individual sessions with these children, teachers and parents reported an increase in healthier verbal communication of needs, appropriate use of touch/boundaries with peers, and a decrease in behavioral and emotional outbursts.
— Jennifer Giuglianotti, M.S., R-DMT, Thrive Co-Founder
I feel like a bird. I’m free…
— Jayna age 5

Read our Co-Founder's published work with children in schools and the impact of dance/movement therapy for children with autism: