The Original Open Barre Class


The Original Open Barre Class

55.00 75.00

This private Barre class is led by professional dancer and Dance/Movement Therapist, Jennifer Giuglianotti. Open to all levels of fitness: Wonderful for those seeking rehabilitation, are in need of one-one support,  and first-time ballet barre movers!

By appointment only Mondays and Tuesdays.

525 E. 21st St. Suite 5c Brooklyn NY 11226

Classes target whole-body, mind, and spirit: This is not a "fitness only class". 

Why try the "Original Open Barre"? 5 Reasons Tried-&-True:

1. Isometric Movement: Increase specifici muscles, less impact/injury, increase endurance, achieve long/lean dancer's body

2. Efficient: Target multiple muscle groups at once 

3. Embrace the "shake": Isometric holds (imagine holding a plie) mean your muscles are working and you are "feeling it"!

4. The mind-body-spirit connection: Grace and fluidity are supported by your therapist as she reminds you to move with your intention.

5. Achieve your GOAL: Whether it is weight-loss or increased flexibility, your Dance Therapist supports your continued improvement in every single class. Our students develop a natural youthfulness, power, and grace, and wonderful, natural posture and a lifted derriere!

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