Monthly Mindful Healing Circle


Monthly Mindful Healing Circle

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This monthly group healing circle is held by Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Dance/Movement Therapist, Jennifer Giuglianotti.

Held on the First Sunday of each month at Bloom (Balanced Life Movement therapy center in Ditmas Park)

Time: 12:00-1:30 pm


Sunday May 5th

Sunday June 2nd

Sunday July 7th

Sunday August 4th

Each season, we will focus on a different theme with the longterm focus of learning mindfulness techniques for connecting to your body, your creativity, and peacefulness. Learning mindfulness techniques is shown to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and help participants gain a sense of mastery over their emotions. This healing circle is both therapeutic and educational in nature.

May Theme:

The Wheel of Awareness — Learning the art of meditation through movement and art practices. Come in comfortable clothes and bring a small journal: We will begin in a sitting meditation, move into yoga and movement practices, sharing through connective dialogue, and end with art-making.

June Theme:

Moving through Chronic Stress 

This simple, easeful 1.5 hour Mindfulness & Movement For Stress and Anxiety Workshop with Jennifer Giuglianotti, LCAT, BC-DMT will take you on a journey to explore yoga & dance as a powerful tool to find the breath, balance the nervous system, calm the mind and self regulate.
Expect science-based learning material, connecting with others moving through similar, learning about the nervous system, restorative yoga, mindful breathing techniques and aromatherapy. Take a deep, sweet breath and soften back in. All levels and experience welcome. Suitable for absolute beginners.


Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health issue in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and in many other countries around the world. Many of us are plagued by chronic stress related to money, school, work, and relationships. Over time, chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies, leaving us tense and at risk of chronic illness. Fortunately, there is yoga and dance. There's now a growing body of research to support practicing dance, yoga poses, mindfulness, and breathing slowly are the most effective tools to regulate the stress response and rebalance the nervous system.


+ Applied Theory and Discussion — We believe that getting to know and making friends with your anxiety makes it eminently more manageable. Learn about aspects of stress and anxiety and cultivate a deeper awareness of your personal triggers, symptoms, remedies and resources with reflection, journaling and open discussion in a safe, supportive space.
+ Breathing Techniques — Ever notice how soothing a simple sigh can be at the end of a long day? Our breath is the most powerful tool. we have to reduce stress, calm anxiety, improve sleep, and cool down. Explore pranayama (breathing techniques) to alleviate anxiety and implement when faced with challenges in day to day life.
+ Yoga Poses — Practice a simple, easeful sequence including a blend of restorative and yin yoga poses to help release tension, calm the nervous system and interrupt anxious thought patterns. Accessible to all levels of experience and all bodies. 

+ Authentic Movement & Dance -- allowing your body to move in response to your nervous system. No prescriptive dance moves will be taught, rather your therapist will guide you in listening to and moving with your natural impulses.
+ Relaxation — Take a step back and soften and surrender into deep relaxation at the end of this workshop. Our hope is you walk away with a renewed sense of lightness, peace and wellbeing. If you take anything away from this workshop we hope it's this feeling.

*Art materials are watercolors, oil pastels, and colored pencils. Mats and blankets are provided. Wear clothes you can move and be comfy in. :) 

☆Please let me know if you cannot make this event or if you have any feedback from our last circle. I am here to support you and believe that co-creating the circle makes it more fulfilling for everyone. Please feel free to share this email with friends or family who may benefit. 

I look forward to seeing you all again this Sunday, June 2nd at 12 pm. 


525 E. 21st St. 

Apt 5c

Brooklyn NY 11226 

Please ring bell for apt 5c. Elevator on right. 5th floor. 

What is Included: Spring art materials provided are watercolors and oil pastels. Yoga mats and blankets are included.

Small group of 6 maximum. Men and Women are welcome. Age 18+

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