Fall Creative Ballet + Jazz

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Fall Creative Ballet + Jazz

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REGISTER now for our Fall Semester!

(No classes in August)

Fall classes begin Sept. 12th. Registration for the semester is now OPEN. Registration ends Sept. 1st.

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Jennifer Giuglianotti, leads a Creative Ballet Class for children ages 3 (minimum) - 4.5 years old. Exciting News: We now have an AWESOME Co-Teacher, Shelly Fank!

This fall we focus on mindfulness through movement to help children explore their emotions and learn healthy ways of coping with their environment: Through Storytelling, movement games, and traditional ballet curriculum, and mind-body learning.

Parents/caregivers are asked to please stay in the studio to observe and/or help support your child in learning how to listen and learn. The class will be taught to a range of ages (3-4.5) with a developmental age of 3 being the primary target (being able to follow 2 step directions). Please assist your young child in this class, if necessary. Children with special needs and abilities are encouraged to join this class with a caregiver. (Jennifer is a dance/movement therapist specializing in helping children with special needs.)

Class Description: 

Classes incorporate basic ballet terminology to a variety of music, games, obstacle courses, and storytelling. Led by Dance/Movement Therapist, Jennifer Giuglianotti and Educator, Shelly Fank:

Creative Movement techniques are woven throughout to engage your child in the freedom of movement and the JOY of dancing. Obstacle courses help children learn spatial awareness, body parts, step-by-step sequencing, and learning how to "watch and follow". Fundamentals help kids learn the art of focus -- a lifelong lesson! This Fall we will continue exploring jazz dance in a dance routine: Each week, children will learn a new sequence to build upon; improving body-memory!

Fall Class Schedule (11 weeks of classes):

Class 1: Sept. 12th

No class on Sept. 19th (Yom Kippur Holiday)

Class 2: Sept. 26th

Class 3: Oct. 3rd

Class 4: Oct. 10th

Class 5: Oct. 17th

Class 6: Oct. 24th

Class 7: Oct. 31st Special Halloween dance Class — Wear Costumes!

Class 8: Nov. 7th

Class 9: Nov. 14th

Class 10: Nov. 21st

Class 11: Nov. 28th

Wednesdays *4:30-5:15 pm at Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center (367 St. Marks Ave, Brooklyn, NY) in Studio 1 on the ground floor. 

You may arrive as early as 4:20 pm to bring your child into the studio while I set up the music and props. The door to the studio wont be open until that time. If you arrive earlier, please go upstairs to the waiting area. Please note that we must exit the studio promptly at 5:15 pm in order for the next class to come inside. Please help your child get on her shoes prior to 5:15 so we can make a smooth transition. 

*Payment for class is by registration for the 11 week Semester. This allows your child to learn about group dynamics with his/her peers and the consistency required to learn dance techniques. The cost for semester is reduced: We encourage students to enroll in the entire semester — Repetition and consistency (with fun!) is how we learn! :)

*Single class drop-ins are available at a the rate of $22 payable online the day of class or by Venmo to Jennifer Giuglianotti with note of date. We accept only 1 drop-in student per week to keep the classes small.

Please purchase ballet or jazz shoes for your child. If you are unable to get shoes, please have them wear grippy socks for this class. Leotards and tutus are optional -- Be free to wear clothes you can move in. 




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